Living in Sidcup is about more than convenience for travelling. There’s a history to the area, now part of Greater London, many still refer to it as ‘Sidcup in Kent’ and that connection is an important one because the area seems to form a bridge from urban London to rural Kent. Wander through Foots Cray Meadow and suddenly London feels a long way away, it’s a great place to go walking and perhaps have a picnic.

Cafes, restaurants and pubs at your beck and call, that’s Sidcup and its High Street. Your daily shopping is easy too and if you decide to jump in the car then suddenly there is little left to long for that isn’t within easy reach.
Sidcup station provides a thirty-five minute train journey to Charing Cross, shorter obviously if your destination is Waterloo East or London Bridge.

History plays an important part in Sidcup’s identity. Wander the area and you’ll see banners honouring famous residents including author Nevil Shute and Rose Bruford, founder of the Performing Arts College.

The arts are an important element that draw many to live here. You will find The Sidcup Symphony Orchestra and Bird College Conservatoire for dance and musical theatre locally in addition to the college.

Any one reason may be good enough to draw you to Sidcup, blend together a mix of shopping, food, performing arts, countryside, accessibility and commutability; it’s easy to see why people love the area and this a great place to be.

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